Austral Legal is a Bunbury law firm offering a range of legal services on either an hourly rate basis or a fixed fee basis where possible.

Hourly rate basis.

You are charged for the time reasonably spent on your matter at our standard hourly rates. This means that you only pay for the time your matter takes. In other words, if a particular task takes less time than expected then you save on costs (good). However, where the time taken exceeds initial expectations (often due to variable factors beyond control, such as time spent in Court or dealing with difficult third parties) then your overall costs may be higher than expected (not so good).

Fixed fee basis.

Our fixed fee options remove the cost risk and provide you with certainty as to what particular legal services will cost you. This means that you will not pay more than the price we quote to provide you with particular legal services.

How to reduce fees on an hourly rate basis.

In most matters there are five easy ways in which you can reduce your overall legal fees if you elect to instruct us on an hourly rate basis.

First, provide all of the information you have in your matter right at the start. Withholding information can be costly down the track if a matter takes an unforseen turn that could have been avoided.

Second, if you are providing documents to us, take some time to first organise them and if possible provide an index or list of what you have provided to us. This enables us to understand your matter quicker than if we have to sort your documents, saving you money on legal costs.

Third, if you have minor questions that are not time critical, consider writing them down in a list and sending them to us so that several questions can be dealt with at once, rather than asking them in a series of emails or telephone calls.

Fourth, be patient. In matters requiring dealings with other parties or government agencies delays can occur whilst documents are processed or correspondence responded to. We will notify you when developments happen in your matter and contacting us ‘just to check whether anything has happened’ will only increase your overall costs.

Fifth, keep us informed. If something in your matter changes that we need to know about, tell us straight-away. If we are spending time on your matter which becomes wasted because you did not inform us of a material change, you will incur cost that could have been avoided.