Police Barring Notices for Alcohol Related Offences

Police Barring Notices for Alcohol Related Offences

If you or someone you know has been served with a Barring Notice preventing them from entering licensed premises in Western Australia then you may like to read on.

A person served with a Barring Notice issued by the Commissioner of Police has a right to make an Application for Review of the Barring Notice (Application).

On occasion, after conviction for an alcohol related offence in relation to licensed premises, a person may be served with a very broad Barring Notice preventing that person entering a wide range of licensed premises. The breadth of that Barring Notice may seem out of all proportion to the nature of the offence/s which was committed (which could have been as simple as a failure to leave licensed premises when requested to do so). As such, an Application may need to be made to the Liquor Commission which clearly sets out the grounds as to why the Barring Notice should be amended and, if appropriate, the scope of it significantly decreased.

Austral Legal can assist you with the preparation, review and filing of an Application and usually on a fixed fee basis. You should also note that there is a fee payable to the Liquor Commission at the time of filing the Application.

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