Spent Conviction Order Applications at Sentencing in the Magistrates Court

Spent Conviction Order Applications at Sentencing in the Magistrates Court

If a person is being sentenced in the WA Magistrates Court, he or she may request that the Magistrate grant a Spent Conviction Order (SCO).

The Magistrate may grant a SCO if satisfied that:

  1. the person is unlikely to commit an offence again; and
  2. the offence is minor and fairly trivial; or
  3. the person is of previous good character.

In an SCO is granted it means that the person will not always be required to disclose the conviction to others. However, note that the Court has a discretion in these matters and there is no guarantee that a SCO will be granted.

The main benefit of a SCO is that the recipient will generally not have to disclose or acknowledge the conviction for employment purposes. It is unlawful for employers, contractors, professional or trade organisations and licensing boards to discriminate against a person because of a SCO. However, there are some exceptions where a SCO in an employment setting will still be disclosable. For example, if applying for employment as a police officer, prison officer or teacher (amongst others).There are also other situations where a person may still have to disclose an SCO, such as when applying for a firearms licence or to be a foster parent.

If the person is self-represented in court, he or she will need to ask the Magistrate for a SCO before sentence is passed. If they have a lawyer, the lawyer can do this on the person’s behalf, but an such application should always be discussed beforehand as a lawyer may have an informed view as to whether it is worth asking for an SCO or not under the circumstances.

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